“Howie the Harp” was a co-founder of Altered States of the Arts and is a legend in the mental health community.  He was a passionate and tireless consumer advocate who was a friend to all and loved by many.  Howie, for a while, became a homeless person by choice so that he could work with the homeless.  He was known at Alternatives conferences for his  role as M.C. of the talent shows.  He would raise his cane in the air and ask the audience “What am I doing”?”  The audience would response resoundingly “Raising cane.”  Since his passing, Howie has been memorialized in many ways.  In his memory, a “Howie the Harp Arts Award” is given each year at Alternatives to an artist who exemplifies his spirit as an artist with a social change message. 

Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy Center, New York City