Pillows of Hope

“In desperation, we lie down and rest our weary heads on our pillows. If those pillows could talk they would tell a story of struggle, one that begins within, but is often fed by an environment that lacks understanding.” 


It is our purpose to give voice to these separate and lonely struggles through Pillows of Unrest workshops and to exhibit the pillowcases on this website for all to see.  This will be an ongoing and permanent exhibit.


Frank Marquit, Past Director, NAMH, New York


Over the past few years, many pillowcases done by our artists have shown a spirit of “hope” rather than depicting past struggles.  It is an indication that many would rather show where they are and what they hope for in their recovery journey.  Rather than use the term “unrest” we have decided to rename the project “Pillows of Hope”.


The name of each organization or consumer provider is provided at the head of each display, as well as the names of the artists where possible and the artists description of their pillowcase.  We feel that this is an arts project that can be performed anywhere with a minimum of materials.  It is an exercise that can stimulate awareness and build confidence in the person creating the pillowcase art.


Some organizations have actually displayed their pillowcases in prominent places like city halls, chambers of commerce and even in and around the hospitals or consumer provider centers where they are made.  Such public display allows viewers to see the artists struggles and hopes and can help eliminate discrimination and stigma. 


For those interested in conducting the “Pillows of Hope” project at their own facility, you may download a guidebook to conduct this project in your local organization by clicking  on this link: 



Guidebook for Pillows of Hope




Sharon Wise of Altered States of the Arts, is available to assist you with any arts pro-grams you would like to initiate. She may be contacted at:



If you have any finished pillowcases from your organization or individuals and would like to include them in our website display, you may send JPEG photos of each, with the artists name and a brief story telling us what the pillowcase art means for each person to: